Product Overview

HAMAMATSU-IF Suite consists of HAMAMATSU-IF,  a CAD navigation function which links the semiconductor failure analysis system (hereinafter referred to as the System) of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K and LAVIS-plus, and EASY-S, a function for static failure analysis.
* To use these functions requires HAMAMATSU-IF and EASY-S licenses in addition to LAVIS-plus
   and input file licenses.



A CAD navigation function which obtains the observed image from the System and overlays it on the layout data displayed on LAVIS-plus. It can be used for various devices including logic device, memory device, power device, and flat panel device.

  • Available in both online and offline environment
    * To use the HAMAMATSU-IF offline, save the observed image with the System in a TIFF format
       in advance.


In addition to functions available with HAMAMATSU-IF, EASY-S offers functions for static failure analysis as follows:
Using EASY-S for PEM and OBIRCH analyses can efficiently narrow down the nets and cells related to the detected signals. It is especially effective for logic device.

  • Auto-detects nets and cells related to the detected signal areas such as photo emission and OBIRCH.
  • Displays the histogram for areas through which nets and cells pass.
  • Extracts the figures adjacent to nets.

Operating Environment

Available functions vary depending on the system control software version, and whether HAMAMATSU-IF suite is used online/offline. For details about the operating environment, supported failure analysis systems, functions, and any other questions, please feel free to contact our sales representative from Contact.