Product Overview

OASIS-Utility is an " OASIS data handling tool" that consists of varieties of functions including direct handling of LSI layout design format OASIS, interconversion between OASIS and GDSII or OASIS and text data, hierarchy expansion of cells, format and regulation checks, dumping of OASIS data in text format, hierarchy information output in list format. Many users have adopted OASIS-Utility as the sign-off tool inside their layout data finalization flow.

Widely used de facto standard format, GDSII has almost reached the limit in terms of its representation capability due to a huge increase in the size and accuracy of design data, and therefore migrating to OASIS is an imminent challenge. OASIS-Utility is a set of programs that feature quick and straightforward OASIS data examination against various and complex custom layout regulations derived from SEMI sanctioned OASIS format specification. This will be of a great help to your migration to OASIS data centric IC design flow.

  • Contribute to shortening design TAT by the fast file loading, data examination and file generation.
  • Under various regulations to maintain data integrity, quickly merges IP, libraries, dummy fill patterns etc. to construct the final full-chip data.
  • Rich set of functions such as data conversion, editing, examination etc. to fit in any phase of your sign-off design flow.
  • Stress-free data transfer that is realized by OASIS file best optimization and compression.

Application Flow


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Tool Names Function Description
lvgds2oasis Converts a GDS format file to an OASIS format file.
lvoasis2gds Converts an OASIS format file to a GDS format file.
lvoasishand Changes such elements as layer names, cell names, and others in an OASIS file.
lvexpand Expands the hierarchies of cells in GDS or OASIS file.
lvoasislint Checks the validity of an OASIS file. It also performs not only illegal pattern checks, but also custom manufacturing regulation checks.
lvoasishilint Checks the validity of an OASIS file as lvoasislint with hierarchical checks.
oxtext Allows inter conversion between GDS/OASIS file and original ASCII format file.
lvoasisdump Dumps an OASIS file in the ASCII format.
lvoasisinfo Outputs such information as cell list, layer list, and other information.
oxcellcomp Compares the cells of multiple GDS or OASIS files and detects the difference.
oxipmerge Merges the patterns in the cells of GDS files or OASIS files.