Product Overview

MaskStudio is a product that converts your layout data to mask writing machine data.
Today’s complicated and huge OPC’d layout data are quickly converted thanks to the sophisticated parallel processing and job management system, which has been proven by running conversion over 200 CPUs’ in evenly distributed parallel processing. Therefore, this system will be very robust against further rise in data volume at more advanced process nodes. The product also features the meticulous trapezoid fracturing technology to minimize unwanted miniature figures and rich geometry operation functions to optimize data to your mask writing machine. These features will guarantee you to minimize mask writing cost and TAT.

Support Format

The following platforms are supported.


Format Version
GDSII Version 5/ 6/ 7
JEOL52 V1.0/ V1.1/ V2.1/ V3.0/ V3.1/ JOB
Hitachi HL700/ HL800/ HL900/ HL950/ HL7000/ JOB
Toshiba/NuFlare Tech. VSB11/ VSB12/ JOB

(*1) MEBES file cannot be converted to a file other than MEBES.


Format Version
GDSII Version 6/ 7
JEOL52 V1.0/ V2.1/ V3.0/ V3.1/ JOB
Hitachi HL700/ HL800/ HL900/ HL950/ HL7000/ JOB
Toshiba/NuFlare Tech. VSB11/ VSB12/ JOB
Image file (*2) BMP/ JPEG/ TIFF/ PBM

(*2) Outputting to an image file requires the external command "convert" (ImageMagick).

Operating Environment

OS Version Architecture
Linux RedHat Enterprise Linux WS/ES/AS 6, 7 x86_64

* The machines of different architectures may be used to configure a cluster.

User-friendly GUI

MaskStudio offers a GUI to display job entries and their progresses. Job statuses can easily and visually be checked on the screen making it possible to predict when will each job be complete and lets you schedule when to use the generated data in the subsequent process.
In addition, since the RuleEditor to interactively create a rule file, which is a file required for conversion, is equipped with MaskStudio, various functions of MaskStudio can easily be used even from the first startup.

Huge and Complex Data Handling

MaskStudio divides data and compresses its size according to the specified output file format. Moreover, in order to handle large size files, compressed data can be processed without being expanded.
As process node continues to shrink, it is very important for fracturing systems to have both high-speed and accurate output performance. MaskStudio suppresses slivers that could lead to accuracy degradation from being generated by original sliver control technique.